Artist Biography : Nepathya

म्यूजिक खबर
प्रकाशित: ११ भाद्र २०७०, मंगलवार

Nepali Folk Band – Nepathya | Biography Nepathya is one name in Nepali Music – which has gained consistent popularity and social recognition. In the past 19 years of it’s existence- Nepathya has been the trendsetters.

They are the pioneers to blend folk melodies into youth friendly pop and rock format. Folk melodies have remained the life force of Nepathya. Apart from folk, Nepathya’s songs also portray contemporary Nepal – it’s pain at times of war and distress, and yet the ray of hope an artist sees and imagines of… Critics address Nepathya as the Most Earthy Nepali Band. A.         Band – background info Formed in 1990 by Deepak Rana (now a Chopper pilot), Bhim …

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