Biography of singer Aruna Lama

म्यूजिक खबर
प्रकाशित: ४ कार्तिक २०७०, सोमबार

Name: Aruna Lama
Birthday: September 9, 1945
Birthplace: Darjeeling, India
Parents: Surya Lama (father), Sanmaya Lama (mother)
Occupation: Singer
Marital status: married to Saran Pradhan(musician)
Awards: Sangit Puraskar (1966)
Sur Sringar Sammelan Puraskar (1966)
Mitrasen Puraskar (Assam Nepali Sahitya /Sanskritik Parishad 1975)
Dishari Puraskar (Kolkata 1980)
Bhanu Academy Puraskar (Darjeeling 1982)
Nepali Chalchitra Puraskar (for Maitighar 1983)
Chinnlata Geet Puraskar (Kathmandu 1992)
Urvashi Rang Puraskar (Kathmandu 1992)
Mitrasen Sangeet Puraskar (Gangtok 1995)
Gorkha Dakshina Bahu 4th (Kathmandu 1996 and so on.
Died: February 4, 1998 at Kathmandu, Nepal

Aruna Lama was born on September 9, 1945 at Darjeeling, India to Surya Bahadur Lama and Sanmaya Lama. Aruna Lama was talented singer of Nepal. She started singing at the early age of seven.due to her uncle C.B. Lama inspired her to sing. Aruna Lama did her schooling at Mungpoo Primary School, Jalpahar, and St. Teresa’s School, Darjeeling. She won a music competition organized by the Gorkha Dukha Niwarak Sammelan in 1956 at the age of 11. She completed her graduate degree in arts from Darjeeling Government College.
She got married to Saran Pradhan a musician, lyricist and composer on 11th July, 1963. She became so busy with her married life that she gave so less time to her singing career. There was something unique in her voice which brought her back to the center stage and she is pointed one of the best Nepali female singers of all time.
In 1974 , a big accident caused in her life she lost her beloved husband and she was left with two children and a whole life ahead. She struggled through the difficulties of life. She found work at the Scheduled Castes and Tribes Welfare Office in Darjeeling where she worked till 1998.
Her first song was composed by Amber Gurung with lyrics of Bhupi Sherchan in 1961. Some of her classic hits include Eh Kancha Malai Sunko Tara, Phool Lai Sodhey, Pohor Saal Khusi Phatyo, Hera Na Hera Kancha, Laharey Bara Ghumauney Chautari, Eklai Basda and Nepali Gaurav Garchau Afnaipanma. She also sang for a number of Nepali films, such as Maitighar, Paral Ko Aago andKanchhi. She sang hundreds of Nepali songs.

Selected songs of Aruna Lama:
Eh Kancha Malai Sunko Tara
Phool Lai Sodhey
Pohor Saal Khusi Phatyo
Nepali Gaurav Garchau Afnaipanma
Manma Timro
Hanga Hanga
Aankhama Mero
Udas Mero
Chautarima Basera
Eklai Basda
Sabaile Bhanthe
Hera Na Hera Kancha
Laharey Bara Ghumauney Chautari
Udi Jaaun Bhane Panchi Hoina (Movie: Paral Ko Aago)
Himal Sari Ma (Movie: Kanchhi)
Yee Timra Muskan (Movie: Kanchhi)
Kala Kala Sala Sala (Movie: Kanchhi)

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