Shanti Thatal

म्यूजिक खबर
प्रकाशित: २५ श्रावण २०७१, आईतवार

Shanti Thatal , 1938 is a Nepali music composer and singer. She has more than 200 songs to her credit, including music for several Nepali films. She is the first female music composer of the Nepali film industry.

Personal life

Shanti Thatal was born in Darjeeling, India to Manu Singh Thatal and Chandra Maya Thatal. She initially learned music under the guidance of Shiva Prasad Singh and Bhanu Ghosh. Later she went to Calcutta to learn music at Rabindra Bharati University. After she returned to Darjeeling, she joined the Himalaya Kala Mandir, a music, arts and drama institute in Darjeeling, and also learnt music from Amber Gurung. Another legendary Nepali singer Aruna Lama was her best friend. Gopal Yonzon and Karma Yonzon were her favourite musicians. She also started teaching music at Kendriya Vidhyalaya.

She did her schooling at St. Teresa School, Darjeeling and went on to complete her Bachelors degree in music. After her education, she moved to Gangtok, Sikkim to join a government job. She became a Director at the Culture Department of the Sikkim government. Music remained her passion. Shanti Thatal never married. She now lives her retired life in Darjeeling.

 Shanti-thatal Musickhabar

Initially, Shanti was a singer. She composed the playback music for Ishwor Ballav’s musical play (gitikatha) called Yeuta Nilo Suryasta, after which she gained fame as a music composer. She went on to score music for the Nepali films Paral Ko Aago (1978) and Bachana Chahane Haru (1982). Some of her well-known songs are Mayalu Ley Samjhe Ki Kaso, Udi Jaun Bhaney Mo Panchi Hoina, Dherai Chubul Nagara, Samhalera Rakha, and Chaubandi Ko Toonama. She was awarded the Master Mitra Sen Smriti Award for Music in 2002 by the Sikkim government.

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